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Airplot – Greenpeace Heathrow Competition

Aerial Meadow – Submission Outline

The proposal adopts the quintessential English Cox Apple as the primary signifier for this fight. Our ambition is to provide an informal focal point and shared public social space with distinct identity, where local residence along side activist’s engage in developing a series of physical collaborative constructions. Our proposal exploits the theatrics of construction while exposing the inherent absurd posturing of conflict. Tactics should be theatrical, the process of construction seen as a time based choreographed performance of unfolding spectacle. A theatre of the absurd, where humour and wit are tropes, along side the ancient and primal struggles between temptation and reason.

Act 1 – The arrival of the cast.

Like a travelling fair, an unlikely series of structures approach in close theatrical procession. Curious slow moving objects cloaked in veils of hay pass through the village of Sipson. These then are carefully arranged within the centre of the airplot site establishing a provision of social comfort.


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